Sunday, June 25, 2017

今夜はスターリーナイト!Starry night vol.14

今夜は14回目の Starry night です!


★6/25(日) 『Starry night vol.14』
出演:モトナガカント(viridian) / tidanomiyuki
Open 19:30 / Start 20:00
場所:Kitchen FUKIYA
〒900-0022 沖縄県那覇市樋川2丁目1−7
TEL 090-6903-8637

Starry night (スターリーナイト)とは、星の夜という意味です。


A monthly acoustic concert hosted by tidanomiyuki.
It's held at a small cafeteria so it's easy to touch the sound and the feeling of artists closely. Having musicians and artists for the guests, music and songs coming up as a brand new like a star in the Starry night.

The guest is Kanto Motonaga. He loves The Beatles, The La's, Oasis and etc...
He is the vocalist and guitarist of the rock band, viridian.


You can enjoy this special live music with good food and good drink!

Starry night vol.14 tidanomiyuki monthly music show
Date Sun June 25, 2017
Open 7:30pm / Start 8:00pm
Guest: Kanto Motonaga
Charge 1,000yen
Venue: Kitchen Fukiya, Naha, Okinawa


*TEL 090-6903-8637 (Kitchen Fukiya)

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